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The Last Spell on steam is a unique turn-based tactical RPG game developed by the French game development studio Ishtar Games.
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The Last Spell on steam is a unique turn-based tactical RPG game developed by the French game development studio Ishtar Games. It was released on Steam on June 3, 2021. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are fighting against hordes of monsters that are emerging from a mysterious portal. The player takes on the role of the commander of the last bastion of human civilization, where they must defend against the endless waves of monsters and try to seal the portal to save humanity.

The Last Spell Gameplay

The Last Spell gameplay revolves around defending the last bastion against waves of monsters. The game is divided into two parts: a strategic base-building phase and a tactical combat phase. During the base-building phase, the player can recruit and train survivors, build structures, and craft equipment to prepare for the upcoming battles. The player must manage their resources carefully to ensure that they have enough food, materials, and ammunition to survive.

During the tactical combat phase, the player must defend the last bastion against waves of monsters that emerge from the portal. The combat system is turn-based, where the player takes turns commanding their survivors to attack, move, and use abilities to defeat the monsters. The game has a unique spell system where the player can cast powerful spells to turn the tide of battle. However, casting spells requires mana, which is a limited resource, so the player must use them wisely.

The game also features a rogue-like element, where each playthrough is different, and the player must adapt their strategy to the random events and enemy waves.

Graphics and Sound

The Last Spell features a unique pixel art style that is reminiscent of classic RPG games. The game’s art direction is dark and gritty, which reflects the post-apocalyptic setting. The game’s sound design is excellent, with an atmospheric soundtrack that adds to the game’s tense atmosphere.


The Last Spell has received positive reviews from both players and critics. The game has an 85% positive rating on Steam, with players praising the game’s challenging gameplay, unique spell system, and replayability. Critics have also praised the game’s art direction, sound design, and strategic gameplay.


The Last Spell is a unique and challenging turn-based tactical RPG game that offers a compelling mix of base-building and tactical combat. The game’s unique spell system and rogue-like elements make each playthrough different and offer high replayability. The game’s pixel art style and atmospheric soundtrack add to the game’s tense atmosphere. Overall, The Last Spell is a must-play for fans of tactical RPGs and rogue-like games.

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