Unrecord Game: Check out this Highly Photo-Realistic Looking FPS Coming to Steam

Unrecord Game the past few years, we’ve seen several first-person shooters (FPS) that appear to be incredibly realistic. However, the trailer for a new FPS PC game, Unrecord, which was previously unannounced, contains footage that looks truly photo-realistic.

Unrecord Game trailer

The trailer, which can be seen above, appears to have been filmed rather than created in Unreal Engine 5. The buildings and environments look like they were made in a real abandoned factory, and even the camera movements and gun-loading animation look real.

Towards the end of the trailer, we see some interesting gameplay elements where the player is asked to make some moral choices before moving on. If you’re worried about feeling dizzy while playing the game, the developer has stated that there will be options to adjust the camera movement.

Unrecord Game has the player taking on the role of a police officer, with the game’s events unfolding through his body camera. Here are some of the game’s main features:

  • Original aiming system: free-aiming system with authentic ADS and unrestricted hand movements.
    Die and retry combat with a technical and minimalist approach. There’s no room for error, so you’ll have to develop your own tactics.
  • Make dialogue choices that impact your experience, even during combat.
    A narrative-driven FPS with a plot that’s rich in twists, inspired by the best crime and thriller stories.
  • Artistic direction that plays with the perspective of video and bodycam footage, creating a trompe l’oeil experience.

Unrecord Game comes from a small indie team from France called Drama. As it’s still in early development, there may be changes made to the game before it launches. There’s no set release date for Unrecord yet, but you can check out Drama’s official website and wishlist the game on Steam.

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